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King Klinker’s origins date back to 1972. Since then, we have specialised in the production of top-quality ceramics based on the traditional clinker-making method. We are a 100% Polish-owned company.

KING KLINKER’s new production facility was commissioned in December 2013. The maximum production capacity of the new plant is approximately 70 million blick slips per year. Today, the factory is among the most high-tech extruded clinker tile plants in Europe. The new production line enables firing at 1,250°C and, thanks to its flexibility, allows the production of blick slips in a wide variety of colours, formats and structures.

Advanced technology gives us access to unlimited product development opportunities while maintaining the highest technical parameters. The result of advanced technology and a visionary aesthetic concept is a rich collection of clinker blick slips with a timeless character. The KING KLINKER range offers almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to façade design.

The superior quality of the brick slips makes KING KLINKER the ideal choice for facades.

Our offer also includes comprehensive solutions for buildings. The extensive colour range of façade blick slips is complemented by clinker window sills, fence caps and fittings.

Our company cooperates with the National Chamber of Commerce, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, the AGH University of Science and Technology, the Institute of Building Technology, Dom z Cegły. We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Association of Building Ceramics Employers.