Façade insulation systems with clinker blick slips

KING KLINKER clinker blick slips meet the requirements of ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System) and are compatible with all insulation systems available on the market. High-end insulation specialists have developed systems dedicated to façade blick slips. They stand out for their durability combined with the high quality of the materials used. This ensures that our customers will be able to enjoy the beauty of their façades for many years.

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Façade tile insulation system

The LOBATHERM system is an insulated façade with a clinker tile, ceramic or natural stone finish. It features very high impact resistance and very high resistance to weathering, microbiological
agents and UV.

The surface of the system is resistant to biological infestation and has an extended resistance to dirt deposition. It improves sound insulation and provides an opportunity to combine a façade finished in structural render with clinker or stone cladding.



Clinker insulation system

The INFATEC® system is a unique and innovative combination of cutting-edge technology and centuries of experience. The combination of clinker tile with advanced insulation technology creates a reliable architectural tool for the 21st century. The INFATEC® system ensures durability, aesthetics and smooth operation for many years.



Modern clinker façade system with insulation function

We combine modern polyurethane insulation with the aesthetics of clinker. Thanks to the extensive range of colours of King Klinker tiles, the mathermic system is a perfect match for any architecture.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology and materials, the mathermic system can reduce the energy requirements of a building by up to 30% compared to other materials of the same thickness.