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KING KLINKER clinker brick slips are manufactured from clays sourced from the highest quality deposits. The fact that our brick slips are manufactured from natural raw materials makes them sustainable and people-friendly.

Due to its low carbon footprint in the atmosphere, our company does not participate in CO2 emissions trading. During manufacturing, we recycle 100% of all production waste, and this also applies to the water used in the production process. Any product that does not meet the quality requirements is reprocessed.

At KING KLINKER, environmental sustainability and social responsibility is an integral part of the business we conduct. In our opinion, sustainability is the best way to build your position, not only in the clinker tile market. We are a socially responsible company and proactively comply with environmental protection principles, for the sake of our employees, partners, customers and the entire region. We focus on projects aimed at reducing energy consumption and conservation of resources. We use all resources very responsibly.

This includes a commitment to environmentally friendly purchasing, from the entire supply chain to business partners. Through our actions, our customers receive natural, sustainable products. In addition, all KING KLINKER brick slips offer an extremely long product life cycle.

KING KLINKER clinker brick slips come with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), and meet the highest quality requirements of European standards.

Striking a balance between social, economic and environmental factors, especially with energy costs rising so rapidly, is quite a challenge. KING KLINKER intends to continue with projects in the area of renewable energy sources.


Type III Environmental Product Declaration No. 296/2022