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SCANROC is ventilated facade system based on superior high technology, consisting of three basic components: steel grid fixed onto the building wall, thermal insulation material and facade stone/brick slip, resembling a brick wall. Sophisticated materials as well as innovative physical solutions provide excellent thermal insulation properties. Permanent-ventilation interior structure guarantees ideal home comfort and integrated humidity removal.

Key features of the Scanroc system:

  • Installation components (steel grid) can be adapted to any thickness of external wall insulation
  • Installation in harsh weather and winter conditions
  • Increased added value of the building through an attractive appearance
  • Façade lifetime of up to 100 years even in adverse weather conditions
  • Maximum fire resistance of the entire system
  • Elimination of thermal dilatation effects of the building structure
  • SCANROC installation grid system components are made of galvanised steel
  • Installation grid system is designed for easy and fast installation
  • All cladding joints are concealed, improving the aesthetics of the façade
  • Easy installation
KlinkerStone systemSCANROC

System installation

The SCANROC façade system can be installed easily by hand. Wet processes are not required and the installation can be carried out all year round, even in adverse weather or during winter.

The SCANROC façade system does not require any wall preparation such as surface smoothing, drying or cleaning. Façade blick slips can be easily cut to size, allowing the cladding elements to be tailored to the required size. In case of damage to individual façade blick slips on the wall, they can be replaced by a qualified specialist in a matter of minutes.

The system has also been designed and certified for buildings up to 100 m in height.

Maximising the effects of thermal insulation

SCANROC installation grid components are made of galvanised steel.

Temperature difference between the air within the channel (higher temperature) and outside the channel (lower temperature) causes upward air flow. This air flow reduces the influence of temperature on the building wall and, at the same time, it removes humidity from the insulation and the walls. Humidity removal from the insulation maximises thermal insulation properties of the insulation material and maintains optimum temperature in the building.

Presence of moisture, dispersed by the open structures, does not cause any problems in SCANROC façades. Due to the temperature difference and vapour pressure, this moisture does not remain in the structure and gets into the ventilated air gap, from where it is removed by the airflow.
The SCANROC system eliminates the negative effects of thermal bridges on perimeter structures.
The ventilated SCANROC insulation system (insulation thickness 100 mm) reduces external noise by approximately 25%.

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