Dolomite brick (LF22)

King Size

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Technical data

DimensionsUoMpcs. per boxpcs. per m2
with joint*
quantity per pallet
pcs.m2 with joint*~kg gross
Brick slips 52x490x14 LF FORMAT (standard format)pcs.16311 23239.741074.66
Corner brick slips 115/240x52x14pcs.18 -972 -602.37

*When calculating quantities per m2, a joint width of 12 mm was used.

Surface typevintage
Frost resistance according to EN ISO 10545-12odporne
Absorbability according to EN ISO 10545-3< 6%
Reaction to fireklasa A1
Bending strength according to EN 10545-4powyżej 13 N/mm2
Breaking force according to EN ISO 10545-4powyżej 800 N
colour stability guaranteed
ETICS-compliant product
weather-resistant product
environmentally-friendly product
we recycle 100% of our production waste