Pearl satin (HF53)

Old Castle

The solid colour of the Pearl Satin tile and its velvety surface give the façade a unique touch of elegance and tranquillity. The Pearl Satin clinker tile is distinguished by the unique subtlety of intermingling grey tones. The softness of the Pearl Satin colour makes the tile the perfect setting for façade elements that are bolder when it comes to their shape or colour.

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Technical data

DimensionsUoMpcs. per boxpcs. per m2
with joint*
quantity per pallet
pcs.m2 with joint*~kg gross
Brick slips 71x240x14 NF FORMAT (standard format)pcs.36482 160451117.96
Corner brick slips 115/240x71x14pcs.18 -756 -585.2

*When calculating quantities per m2, a joint width of 12 mm was used.

Surface typebrushed
Frost resistance according to EN ISO 10545-12resistant
Absorbability according to EN ISO 10545-3< 6%
Reaction to fireClass A1
Bending strength according to EN 10545-4above 13 N/mm2
Breaking force according to EN ISO 10545-4above 800 N
colour stability guaranteed
ETICS-compliant product
weather-resistant product
environmentally-friendly product
we recycle 100% of our production waste