King Size

King Size Collection is a royal choice among clinker cladding tiles - an offer for people who value unusual style and who like to break routine. They stand out by their size (490mm x 52mm), which is much larger than traditional formats. Longitudinal proportions allow you to create arrangements with an extremely elegant appearance, exposing smoothly running horizontal lines emphasizing the colorful melange of ceramics and metal. In the King Size collection there are 18 tile colors available: from strong red, smoky brown, through gray and shades of anthracite, to opalescent black.

Old Castle

Our new plant gave us new opportunities not only as far as colours are concerned but also  front structures of clinker tiles. Old Castle is our latest collection of clinker tiles which will take you on the sentimental journey into the past. Its structure shows the passage of time and uneven shape of the face makes each tile unique . All these guarantee originality and non-trivial effect.


Dream House

Facade together with complementary elements define and create the complete image of the house. Clinker is dominant material and so reguires  appropriate finishing touches. Consequently we have created a wide range of fencepost caps, stairs, wall profiles and window sills. All these elements will  allow you to compose stylistically coherent and harmonius concept.


Free Art

Free Art is an open and flexible collection which welcomes unconventional ideas of architects and investors.Here colours are made to measure and the only limit is designer’s imagination.  It is the collection full of expression, freedom, strong, bright and bold colours where one can find tiles made to special order, glazed as well as unique decors.


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