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Street life HF32

Project: GATO Office building

Location: Gdańsk, Polska

Colour: Street life HF32

Format: RF10 (65x250x10 mm)


Inwestor: HOSSA S.A.

GATO is a completed 2021 facility comprising approx. 15,000 sqm of modern commercial space.  The seven above-ground floors of the building are offices in class A+ standard, while the ground floor of the office building is occupied by commercial premises and a representative lobby. 

GATO was designed by architects Marcin Woyciechowski, Tomasz Piechota and Radosław Orłowski. The modern office building has been designed and constructed in compliance with the principles of sustainable development, as confirmed by the “Excellent” certificate awarded to the investment in the BREEAM classification, which evaluates newly constructed buildings in the context of their environmental impact. One of the many green solutions used here are electric vehicle charging points, located both in front of the building and in the garage hall. For users who prefer to commute by bicycle, on the other hand, a bicycle room with sanitary facilities has been prepared. The roof of the building gives the impression of a small jungle, as it is covered with rich vegetation. In addition, the facility’s interior includes a number of technological solutions to save electricity and heat. The building’s facade is distinguished by elements of patinated copper and mirrors that reflect the striking landscaping of the plaza in front of the main entrance, as well as the use of clinker tiles as a fully ecological material. The spacious lobby, in turn, includes a distinctive feature in the form of cast-iron columns recovered from former barracks buildings.