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Old house HF07 investment

Project: Goplana Apartments

Location: Poznań, Poland

Colour: Old house HF07 investment

Format: NF (71x240x10 mm)

Architekt: W.P.I.P. JASIN

Inwestor: Colian Developer

The Goplana estate is located in the heart of Jeżyce, already considered an iconic district of Poznań. 

The attractive Art Nouveau architecture of the old townhouses, the year-round market in the Jeżycki market square, the proximity of the New Theater, the Rialto cinema and the multitude of charming stores and various small pubs clustered around Kościelna Street all add up to a place to live with a unique character, not only on the Poznań scale.

Many people dream of living in the center of this world of Jeżyce. Nowhere is one more in the heart of Jeżyce than on the grounds of Goplana, at the junction of Kościelna Street and the tunnel under the viaduct that leads to the extraordinary beauty of Sołacki Park.

At the same time, Jeżyce offers convenient transportation and pedestrian connections to the Center and the Old Town. Walking along Dąbrowski Street and the Theater Bridge is one of the most impressive walking routes in Poznań.