Ruby red 19, Misty morning 12

Project: Hotel Grano

Location: Gdańsk, Poland

Colour: Ruby red 19, Misty morning 12

Format: RF (65x250x10 mm)

Inwestor: Dekpol Developer

Grano Residence is a residential building in Gdansk, surrounded by Żytnia, Pszenna, Chmielna streets, that is in the heart of the CITY, on Granary Island (Wyspa Spichrzów). Construction of the building began in January 2018 and was completed in the first half of 2020. The total area of this six-story building reaches almost 24,000 square meters, and the usable area reaches almost 20,000 square meters. (The construction of the building was handled by the Dekpol Deweloper company, it is an investment project of Dekpol Deweloper, while KD Kozikowski Design Pracownia Architektoniczna is responsible for the architectural design.)

Ruby red (01)

Misty morning (12)