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Frozen island HF22

Project: RANTA Apartments

Location: Prague, The Czech Republic

Colour: Frozen island HF22

Format: NF (71x240x10 mm)

Architekt: C.A.I.S. architekti

Inwestor: Generalny wykonawca YIT Stavo, s.r.o.

Residence U Boroviček is a new cosy apartment in a quiet part of Prague, where nature is as close as the city centre. Unique apartment building in a residential area near Bílá Hora and not far from Břevnov offers 23 apartments with plenty of privacy and greenery, in a shared garden or on your own terrace or balcony, yet quick connection with the centre  or airport.

Ranta Barrandov was built in the popular district of Prague 5. Nearby are elementary school, kindergartens, stores, a library, a polyclinic and an aquapark. The residential complex of eight houses will be built in two phases at Prague 5 and will offer a total of two hundred and fifty-nine low-energy Finnish-style apartments. 

Finnish developer YIT has built a residential complex with 259 low-energy apartments in two separate blocks with a total of eight apartment buildings on Prague’s Hlubočep. The architectural solution in the sign of moderation and timelessness of Scandinavian architecture comes from the CAIS architekti studio. Construction took place in two stages.

Both blocks consist of eight four- to eight-story houses. On the first floor, commercial premises have been created, where small stores, a café, a buffet or other services have found their place. The architectural solution honours the YIT tradition and the basic attributes of Nordic architecture and Finnish design with an emphasis on simplicity, clean execution, timelessness and thoughtful solutions. The square layout of the rooms and the location of the individual buildings provide optimal lighting and ample space in the courtyard. RANTA Barrandov offers an interesting location with good urban amenities, easy access to the centre of Prague, yet close to nature.