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Gothic smile HF41

Project: Stara Cegielnia

Location: Poznań, Poland

Colour: Gothic smile HF41

Format: NF (71x240x10 mm)

Architekt: Design studio Ewa i Stanisław Sipińscy

Inwestor: Erbud

Stara Cegielnia is a residential complex consisting of four-storey buildings equipped with lifts. Customers can choose from a wide range of flats – from two- to five-room units with floor areas ranging from 40 to nearly 153 sq m. Ground-floor units come with private gardens (up to 800 sq m!), while upper-floor units have loggias or balconies. What also attracts attention is the functional layout of the flats, offering a choice of separate kitchens or annexes, spacious, light-flooded rooms and large bathrooms. Adequate lighting for the flats was also taken care of at the design stage. Customers will certainly appreciate the large windows and good exposure. In the underground garage there are parking spaces (standard, XL, XXL), family parking spaces, storage rooms for single-track vehicles, a bicycle storage room and a trolley storage room.

Gothic smile (HF41)