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Want to complement your project with other clinker components?
No problem! In addition to façade tiles, our range includes other products that will look great on your façade or fence.

Fence caps and connectors

Clinker fence caps made from top quality clinker – perfect for finishing both traditional and modern style fences. King Klinker’s range of clinker fencing components is certainly one of the widest on the market!

Clinker is a durable, sophisticated and weatherproof ceramic material that ranks among the jewels of the building materials market. Fences finished with it not only offer unmatched aesthetics, but are also extremely durable and remain attractive for many years to come.

Our clinker fence caps stand out because of their special shape, thanks to which water runs off them in a flash. The unique edging design further cuts off the flow of water, preventing it from penetrating the masonry surface of the post.

Some fence posts, due to their dimensions, require the use of non-standard sized caps. For this purpose, we offer clinker connectors, with a width corresponding to one cap. You can use them to create strings of any length. This allows any width of post to be covered, including those serving special purposes, e.g. for letterboxes, electrical boxes, waste bins, etc. In this case, both ends of the string are finished with a standard cap cut in half. Connectors make for a highly practical component that helps avoid disrupting aesthetically consistent concepts.

Available formats:

Fence caps:
310x310x80 mm
310x445x90 mm
400x400x90 mm
445x445x90 mm
445x595x106 mm

Fence connectors:
445x250x90 mm

Fence fittings

Clinker fence fittings provide a particularly charming and chic finish to a wall. Their outstanding aesthetics and wide choice of colours make it possible to match them with practically all the materials available on the market, whether you want a perfect colour harmony or a contrasting effect.

Apart from their aesthetic qualities, fittings also have their technical and practical justification. Our clinker fittings protect the wall (usually made of hollow brick) from water penetration that could cause erosion and staining. As with our other products, we leave nothing to chance in the production of our fittings.

Hence the special, slightly rounded and purposely profiled shape at the edges, which cuts off the flowing water and thus prevents it from running down the wall and forming unattractive stains.

In addition, the sloped shape of the fitting prevents water accumulation, facilitating its unobstructed and safe for the masonry drainage.

Perforated fittings are intended for central parts of the wall, while solid ones are used for its aesthetic finishing. Large fittings are provided for 2-brick walls and small fittings for 1-brick walls. In addition, our range includes two types of fittings: straight and rounded. Both have exactly the same functional advantages, so the choice here is a matter of pure aesthetics.

A particularly attractive solution for fences is to match the fittings to the colour of the caps, so that regardless of the colour of the fence, the result is a balanced and style-compliant system.

Available formats:

310/250x100x78 mm
310/250x65x78 mm full
180/120x100x58 mm
180/120x65x58 mm full

Wall profile perforated

Wall profile full

Window sills

King Klinker window sills stand for the highest quality, guaranteed lifetime durability and no maintenance!

Ceramic exterior sills made of clinker are an excellent alternative to other solutions. The King Klinker clinker is fully weatherproof, frostproof and resistant to highly corrosive acid and alkaline compounds. Clinker window sills are extremely easy to clean and they require virtually no maintenance or treatment.

The clinker window sills available from King Klinker are made
of extruded clinker, thanks to which the ceramic material retains its structure, giving the product exceptional durability.

King Klinker window sills also feature the right design for optimum protection of the building wall against precipitation. In addition to the subtle shapes of clinker exterior window sills, King Klinker offers Tytan window sills with an exceptionally solid profile and increased thickness.

King Klinker clinker window sills are suitable for any window, regardless of the depth of the recess.

The company offers a wide range of colours for clinker window sills, so that they can be matched to any building!

Available formats:

150x120x15 mm
200x120x15 mm
220x120x15 mm
245x120x15 mm
280x120x15 mm
310x120x15 mm
350x120x15 mm

Titanium fitting

The Tytan profile comes in the universal colour of natural red. It is a unique product, designed for extraordinary projects.
Manufactured in five sizes and with the option of a suitable connector, it makes a perfect solution for particularly wide walls.

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