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Caps are one of the best selected and elegant finish for fenceposts, which main role is not only aesthetics but also to give fences unique character and style. Additionally caps serve a useful purpose, that is, they protect against water infiltration to the inside of fenceposts which stops the damaging. Our caps have rounded edges which ‘cuts off’ the stream of water, at the same time  preventing stains.


Fencepost cap connectors

Some fenceposts need different than standard cap dimensions. For this purpose we put in our offer clinker cap connectors, which have the same width as caps, and so you can make connections of any desired length. It allows to cover posts of any length, even those with special purpose, like posts for letter boxes, electrical boxes, dustbins, etc. In this case the connection ends on both sides with a standard cap, cut in halves. Cap connectors are  very practical elements which help to keep aesthetically consistent concept.


‘Tytan‘ profile

Tytan profile has a universal, natural red. It is unique and created for special tasks. The profile has 5 sizes and ,with an appropriate connector, is an excellent solution for exceptionally wide walls.





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