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Wall profile

Clinker wall profiles are extremely elegant wall finish. Incredible aesthetics and a wide range of colours allow you to match them to all available materials, either if we want to achieve harmony of colours or to contrast them. Apart from aesthetic, wall profiles have technical and practical use. Our clinker wall profiles ( usually made of hollow brick) protect the walls against water infiltration which stops erosion and efflorescence. All our products are made in a considerate and logical way. Consequently, wall profiles have edges specially designed and rounded to cut water flowing down the wall and prevent unaesthetic waterstains. Additionally,sloping shape of the profile protects from collecting of water and facilitates safe and easy drainage.


There are wall profiles and solid wall profliles. The former are used to build the middle part of the wall, the latter to aesthetic finish. Large profiles are meant for two-brick thick walls and small profiles for one-brick thick walls. Moreover, on our offer you can find two types of wall profiles: straight and rounded. However, both have the same practical use so it is only aesthetics which influences your choice. Regardless of the fence colour, by matching the colours of wall profiles to fencepost caps, we will get the effect of harmony and stylistic cohesion.


Wall profile (rounded)


Tytan profile

Tytan profile has a universal, natural red. It is unique and created for special tasks. The profile has 5 sizes and ,with an appropriate connector, is an excellent solution for exceptionally wide walls.





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