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Window sills

A characteristic feature of our window sill profiles are rounded and directed downward ‘noses’, which strongly influence not only aesthetics but also have a tremendous practical use. The following solution allows to protect the wall from unaesthetic waterstains by ‘cutting’ the flow of water under the sill and down the wall. Extruded clinker production technology enables us to give window sill profiles an appropriate shape, which ensures their durability. Thanks to various lengths, our window sill profiles can fit almost any type of window, regardless of the depth of the niche. 

Window sill profiles have a wide range of colours, which makes it possible to match them to almost all bricks and clinker tiles available on the market, and use them, if not on the whole elevation, at least on skirting boards.


Window sill 'Tytan'

Window sill profile ‘Tytan’ has been cerated for extraordinary projects, which style requires replacing delicate shapes with thicker, more massive and traditional forms.





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