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Technical info

Basic parametres which determine functional and aesthetic properties of the clinker products include frost resistance, water absorbability, resistance to stains, impact resistance, bending strenght,chemical resistance and resistance to agents of domestic use. Additionally, floor and stair profiles should be anti-slip.


Applicable laws and regulations set minimum parametres, which all clinker products must follow. KING KLINKER products not only meet the EU standards but are also superior to them. For example, bending strenght is twice higher than required and so is chemical resistance, absorbability is circa 3%. The dynamic slip ratio is equal for both wet and dry surfaces.


Our products are environmental friendly. They do not release cadmium and lead in the course of exploitation as a result they can be laid on in both households and food industry structures or industrial centres.


Tiles from the Old Castle collection characterize with natural and stylized to old bricks curvature, which together with irregular structure give it a unique and rustic character.


High frost resistance has been approved by the Institute of Ceramics and Construction Materials. Test results of our tiles are far better than standard norms (50-100 cycles) because after 1000 cycles no damages were reported.


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